Synchronized dancing creates a spectacle in Dance As One

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Flanders has there after So You Think You Can Dance a bit of a wait, but from Wednesday the 31st of October presents VTM is a new, spectacular dance show. In Dance As One goes Niels Destadsbader together with his Dutch counterpart, Nicolette van Dam looking for the best dancecrew in one of the most difficult branches: synchronized dancing. The crews fight with each other in powerful battles and that in all possible styles. Only those who have the perfect choreography, perfect teamwork and perfect timing, win 50,000 euros. What dance group is the best in each other, and keeps the head cool in all circumstances?

The jury In the Dance As One to shine a few new faces. International dansfenomeen Laurien Decibel (30, Vilvoorde) sits next to Timor Steffens and Jan Kooijman. Laurien conquered Belgium as a professional dancer and made subsequently to her American Dream. She danced with an exclusive, Dua Lipa, David Guetta, And Vogue, Taio Cruz, Icona Pop, and Maroon 5. Timor Steffens has shared also the stage with the greats: from Madonna to Michael Jackson and Beyonce to Whitney Houston. Jan Kooijman is a big name in the dance world. He earned his spurs as a modern dancer and choreographer and was behind the jurydesk at So You Think You Can Dance.

In Dance As One fight in a total of 20 dance crews – 10 Flemish and 10 Dutch – of the highest level against each other, in all possible styles. The Flemish dancers bring not only hip-hop and modern, but surprise also with cheerleading, disco, stepping, afrohouse and ballet. The goal is always the same: as synchronously as possible, dancing. In the first 5 episodes to find the auditions, in which each of 4 groups of their chances. First, the jury their performance as a group under the microscope, afterwards the crews a step further. How in sync they are dancing at the same imposed number? And what happens if they are against their own image to travel in the ultimate synchroondanstest?

The performances are recorded with a special super slow-motion camera, which the jury at all times be able to consult and that any imperfection in the synchronous dance was mercilessly brings to light. Those errors can the crews of the important points of costs. At the same time shows the camera how impressive synchronized dancing can be when íedereen to the tight choreography and timing. Per auditieaflevering emits just 1 group through to the quarter finals. There goes the elimination race further, because in the final on Wednesday 19 december 2018, there is only place for 3 crews… and 1 winner.

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