Strong aftershock after the earthquake in Greece

9a54e792098ca044e665d264f80addf8 - Strong aftershock after the earthquake in Greece

ATHENS – Greece is Tuesday morning rocked by a strong aftershock of the earthquake of last week in the Ionian Sea. The epicenter of this aftershock with a magnitude of 5.3 was according to the geological institute in the German city of Potsdam in the sea southwest of the island of Zakynthos. Nothing is yet known about the damage or victims.

It goes according to the leader of the Greek disaster, Efthymios Lekkas, to a customary aftershock. ,,It is a perfectly normal phenomenon. We also expect a stronger aftershocks,” he said to the Greek staatsomroep.

Last Friday was the western part of Greece was hit by a quake with a strength of 6.8. According to the European seismological centre, EMSC was also that earthquake 46 km southwest of Zakynthos. The Greek authorities are warning of a tsunami, but withdrew shortly thereafter. The damage was limited. On one of the islands became a port and a monastery dating from the fifteenth century, is damaged, but no one is injured.

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