Soros, the 88-year-old billionaire blamed for everything

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The perpetrator of the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh? ‘Inspired by Soros.’ The perpetrator of the bompaketten in the US? ‘Dominated by Soros conspiracies.’ Call it a conspiracy theory, and George Soros plays the leading role in. Uitbollen is nothing for the 88-year-old benefactor. Certainly not now, right-wing politicians from Warsaw to Washington him rediscover bogeyman. But who is he really: generous billionaire, or a modern Machiavelli?

This portrait appeared on February 3, 2018 in dS Weekblad. Descriptions were modified for your convenience.

Last weekend shot Robert Bowers eleven people to death in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh …

This portrait appeared on February 3, 2018 in dS Weekblad. Descriptions were modified for your convenience.

Last weekend shot Robert Bowers eleven people to death in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. ‘The man was captivated by the stories of the 88-year-old billionaire Soros, who, according to him, a migrantenkaravaan would sponsor and spread conspiracy theories about the philanthropist on social media’, according to the American media. It is the umpteenth time that Soros, an American-Hungarian and jew, to be the butt of a conspiracy theory, smear campaign or anti-semitic hatred.

As it turned out in February to a poll that Hungarians have the George Soros Party but nothing found. The joke had worked. In april, there would be parliamentary elections in the country, but votes for the George Soros Party would not go. They did not exist. Less than 24 percent of the respondents was aware of. To the voters of the right-wing prime minister Viktor Orbán was that number even lower.

The confusion was not surprising. Posters with the head of the Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist, were everywhere in the streets of Budapest. They warned: let Soros does not last laugh. And portrayed him touwtrekkend with the politicians of the opposition as marionnetten. A year ago, Orbán a survey among the Hungarians. He wanted to know what they thought of what he ‘Sorosplan’ calls. In short, the European Union wants Hungary under Orbán, flooding it with moslimmigranten, and that under pressure from Soros. At the beginning of this year, the government adopted the ‘Stop-Soros-laws’ for. Their purpose: ngos that illegal immigration support, to tackle. Under more by a higher tax on the donations that they are from abroad. The Hungarian borders, where fences migrants must stop, be forbidden for the curious. Here and there wrote newspapers that, in the end the aim of the Soros itself the access to the land (ezek.

Orbán had it last year in the summer promised. ‘Soros is next year our main campaign topic.’ That is remarkable: Soros, now 88, is today everywhere in Hungary without there really are. He grew to the knuffelvijand of the right – they love to hate him and the political oppositiefiguur that there is not yet opposed.

The devil incarnate

And not only in Hungary. A Romanian’s death, transmitter claimed last year during the massive straatprotest against the nationalist government that Soros even dogs paid to argue. Adults get 100 leu, children 50 dogs and 30’. The chairman of the parliament named him ” the financier of evil’, and in Macedonia were the protesters around with slogans like ‘Trump, protect us against Soros’. Also in Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech republic and Slovakia Soros are becoming more and more the devil incarnate.

The British populist Nigel Farage used him in propaganda, to the American Fox News and Breitbart, not to mention. That put him down as a subversive ‘socialist’, far worse swear words are there on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. From the online anthology: Soros has a secret plan to make Ireland a pro-abortusland, he was the mastermind behind the vrouwenmarsen against Donald Trump, and he paid the women for false testimonies about sexual harassment of the controversial Republican Senaatskandidaat Roy Moore in Alabama. Even Guy Verhofstadt had already to believe. He was by Breitbart ‘unmasked’ as an ally of Soros.

The variations on the same theme are endless. Soros embodies everything right and oerconservatief America hate. The billionaire has become an anti-Voldemort. Just like in the Harry Potter books, he is the ‘dark lord’, but He Who Múst Be Named. Because it is worth for him to run and attack.

Too much honor for an old? Not right away. To the great annoyance of his enemies is where Soros also appears, still listened carefully. As in February during the World Economic Forum. Was everyone waiting to Trump from the Swiss sky would come down, then it was the speech of Soros, who ultimately stuck, as decided by The New Yorker. ‘Dictatorships and maffiastaten are gaining in popularity, just look at the Russia of Vladimir Putin. President Trump would like to have a maffiastaat of the United States, but it fails because the constitution, the institutions and the sprightly burgerbewegingen that will never allow it.’

Suddenly famous

It is 1992, the financial world is under the spell of black Wednesday and Soros is just 62. He is not dreaming of his retirement. Speculators have the attack be used on the British pound and gambling on a devaluation. Prime minister John Mayor-other than the pound sterling withdrawal from the European muntkorf, just at the time that his country is the chairman of what was then the European Communities is called. Economic loss: 3.3 billion pounds. Dagwinst for one superspeculant: 1 billion pounds. It is Soros.

He had the treasure in the shade can create, which is ultimately what hedge funds typically do. But Soros goes to an old friend, who for The Finan-cial Times works and unmasks himself as the man who against the pound gambled. ‘It is a decision that many observers for a bit of a puzzle placed, ” writes Connie Bruck in an impressive portrait in 1995 in The New Yorker appeared. It earns him his nickname: The man who broke the Bank of England.

The statement from Soros: “No one listened to me until the crisis with the British pound. Suddenly I was a celebrity.’ It was a strategic decision. With his Quantum Fund earned Soros for years, more money than he could ever create.

He begins his alternative life as a philanthropist in South Africa with scholarships for black students, but it is in Europe that his heart is located. Even before the end of the Iron Curtain, he founded in his hometown of Budapest, a first Open Society institution that dissidents supports. The name refers to the work The open society and its enemies, philosopher Karl Popper in 1945. Elsewhere in the eastern Bloc, he started supporting movements that are fighting against the communist dictatorship, such as Solidarity in Poland or Charta 77 in Czechoslovakia. So subsidises he copiers to vote to let them bloom on paper. After 1989 it drives his efforts to spread democracy in those countries, to anchor on by focusing on education, journalism and the rule of law. In Budapest pitching he the Central European University from the ground, today one of the targets of Orbán, who at that time thanks to a grant from Soros, however, themselves in Oxford can study.

Today, it has its foundation, dozens of offices throughout the world and supports organizations like Transparency International, and the transmitter NPR in the US. Last year enhanced the war chest with 18 billion dollars, which they, on that of Bill and Melinda Gates, the strongest foundation in the world.

Dedicated enemies

In the conscious portrait of The New Yorker says Soros to be very satisfied with his bet after black Wednesday out of the shadows to act. “Suddenly, people had interest to speak to me, as the president of Romania. My influence in Eastern Europe increased rapidly. I was taken seriously, I could give my opinion on issues such as Bosnia. That was exactly what I wanted.’

However, the way in which he became famous, he also suspected. His role in the devaluation of the British pound is in a lot of circles as the indelicate seen. International institutions such as the world Bank are wondering whether they are with Soros in the sea. For that reason, he just as often and just as strategic, financial failure in the paint. If at a particular moment loss makes speculation against the dollar, he says, according to his employees: ‘We must show that we are human.”

Initially, he is especially if a financial guru on the coffee asked. Bill Clinton wants the with Soros on the markets, while those with the American president about Bosnia wants to talk. He bombarded the newspapers and academics with his ideas about international politics and draaft on American talkshows. In the beginning his opinion with a hearty grain of salt taken, because of insufficient thought or the coming of the ‘crazy guy interested in Hungary’. But gradually, they keep the American ministry of Foreign Affairs nevertheless take into account him. ‘We test our policy in Eastern Europe with Berlin, Paris, London, and Soros’, is there grappend said. His influence grows.

A journalist from the New Republic that the billionaire in 1994 in his private jet on a trip between Macedonia and London, is impressed by how he in no period of his name a brand. Although he is suspicious. “In Hungary he is a “cosmopolitan”, the polite way to him not for “jew” to insult. In Romania “the Hungarian”, in Slovakia “jew and Hungarian” and in Russia as a pawn of the CIA.’

According to New Republic ‘there are two kinds of rich celebrities: the Donald Trumps who are much less possess than thought is, and people like Soros who have much more’. It helps the perception. “Yes I have a lot of dedicated enemies,” says Soros. ‘I took them rather than my friends.” Soros choose side in political conflicts, supports the camps that he wants to, as in the Georgian rose revolution. He can’t help but collide.

György Schwartz

But the real demonization is a more recent phenomenon. The Atlantic went looking for an explanation in the history of American philanthropy. That billionaires and political campaigns to support, and powerful, there is the most natural thing in the world. If Soros a fortune in Hillary Clinton ploughed, then did the Koch brothers the same on the right. There may a large question, but it does not explain why the karaktermoord on Soros so much more thoroughly done.

‘The united states have philanthropists always with open arms welcomed, but from left and right angle were at the same time, conspiracy theories around these people fed, ” wrote The Atlantic. ‘In Soros come a lot to fight characteristics: he stands for globalisation, capitalism and progressive values. In addition, he is also a jew, and although he then usually not explicitly attacked, implicitly, there is certainly a question of anti-semitism. Initially, he was attacked by left-wing antiglobalisten, but on the right, took that discussion and he was someone that the American culture and identity wanted to change. European same thing happened with the rise of the illiberale democracies.’

In a opiniebijdrage that at the end of last year, in this newspaper, defends Soros himself against the campaign of Orbán over his alleged plan to a tsunami of refugees started. “I remember what happened in the Second world War, when another group as a scapegoat was designated to the problems of Europe. The wounds of the past have left an indelible scar not yet healed, and today they are ripped open. The true purpose of the propaganda campaign of the government is fear and hatred among the Hungarian people, so that it is indifferent for the suffering of others.’

In Newsweek he wrote previously about Myanmar ” that he is a Rohingya was’. He remembers the horror of nazism not only through his blessed age. Soros was 13 when the Germans Budapest invaded, and jew. Anti-semitism was not new in the city, his father had their name from Schwartz Soros changed. His son was given false papers. With the advent of the communists, he moved to London, now he allowed himself to be George instead of György call.

He allowed the Holocaust or survived, with modern day Israel has Soros little. Years ago he declared in an interview that his family really lived that the stigma and the disability is transcended. You fight anti-semitism not by you as a tribe to behave.’ He opted for the distortion. ‘I do not begrudge the Jewish people their own state, but I want nothing to do with it.” To the great annoyance of someone like Benjamin Netanyahu supports his Open Society Israeli ngo’s that are against the bezettingspolitiek of the government stand up.

The posters with his head in the Hungarian streets were the butt of anti-semitic graffiti. ‘Stinking jew’, was there, and ‘Dirty rat’. Hair-raising, with the history in mind. The government encouraged the rush to. Eventually, it was Soros funnily enough, the man to beat at the Hungarian parliamentary elections. Even without taking part.

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