Russian raketproeven planned over Norwegian sea

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Trondheim – Russia holds during the large NATO exercise raketproeven above the Norwegian sea. During a press conference in Trondheim, confirmed the secretary-general of the alliance Jens) the exercise.

The ceo shall not worry about the test. Of a situation he doesn’t want to know. The Russians have the raketproeven such as in accordance with international agreements hear announced. They have place above international waters where everybody is free, this kind of tests.

“I don’t expect any problems”, said) just before the NATO a large demonstration of military capabilities began in a fjord near Trondheim. The Netherlands also takes part in this demonstration with the naval ships Johan de Witt and Karel Doorman and units of the marine Corps.

’That is not dramatic’

Also, according to the Norwegian minister of Defence, Frank Bakke-Jensen, there is still no reason to panic: “That is not dramatic,” he yesterday in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. “I note the announced raketproeven and follow the Russian manoeuvre,” said Bakke-Jensen.

NATO is October 25, embarked on the biggest exercise in times. Under the name ’Trident Juncture’ is there with 50,000 soldiers trained in Norway. Thousands of Dutch soldiers join in, as part of the snellereactiemacht VJTF. The purpose is the review of the response capabilities, response capacity, and the strategic mobility – both on land and at sea and in the air.

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