Ronnie Flex is father: ‘Privacy mother respect’

65125de293d15199dc87c595f6e829c8 - Ronnie Flex is father: 'Privacy mother respect'

With a picture of an echo, he writes: “Have this to myself for a while because the situation is kinda complex.. but this is the best thing that really happened to me and I love now all super many of you, & even though it was not as planned, you are heavily welcome. We’re waiting for you… chosen one.”

On the echofoto is to see that the photo on 3 October and the woman at the age of about 27 weeks pregnant. Now she would be about 30 weeks pregnant.

Who is the mother of the child is not clear, and that is Ronnie Flex also do not say. “I want everyone to ask for the privacy of my baby mama to respect. I do for the rest also not to give interviews or statements about this.”

There are going to be for a long time rumors that he has a relationship with Famke Louise, but the two have confirmed this never officially.

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