Rescue workers find back human remains

db63d81e6c0e5b4dacf2f7b06c5bf7a8 - Rescue workers find back human remains

The Indonesian rescue services Tuesday again, human remains have been found at the place where the plane of the Indonesian low-cost airline, Lion Air on Monday into the sea is deposited.

On board were 189 people. The media speak of a defect in a boordinstrument.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is only a few months in the service, disappeared Monday from radar, 13 minutes after take-off in Jakarta. He crashed into the java sea shortly after the pilot to the air traffic control had requested authorisation to return.

Dozens of divers have been to the place sent flight JT 610 is gone. But since Monday night have the emergency services, no hope for survivors to be found.

The rescue teams have so far ten lijkenzakken filled with body parts, but still need to Jakarta be sent for DNA tests to identify them, says Muhammad Syaugi, head of the Indonesian agency for rescue operations, television station Metro TV. Also, there are fourteen bags filled with debris, but also shoes, wallets and clothes.

The rescue services are still looking for the fuselage of the aircraft, which is on the seabed is, at thirty to forty metres in depth. The two black boxes are still not recovered.

The CEO of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, indicated Monday that the company repairs had to run to the unit in Bali before it was returned to Jakarta. But he gave no further details. According to him, it was a “normal procedure”.

The British public broadcaster BBC, which is a technical booklet in hands got on the flight from Bali to Jakarta on Sunday, said that there was a problem with the ‘reliability’ of an instrument to measure speed. Also weeks the altitude of the pilot and the co-driver from each other.

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