’PSG should be out of Champions League are set

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Kylian Mbappe and Neymar celebrate a hit against Olympique de Marseille

“We have about complaints,” says the president of the Spanish football league. He finds that Paris Saint-Germain ruled out of European football.

“We are of the opinion that PSG, the contribution of sponsors!” said Tebas compared to L’équipe. The Parisians received a significant contribution from institutions in Qatar. “PSG will get a lot of money of what they sponsor, but research has shown that those amounts are not representative of the fair market value of the sponsorship. That means that PSG are obviously false plays, what disciplinary measures from UEFA asks for.”

Tebas believes that the prices paid for footballers through the roof to be gone by the interference of the billionaires. “It also happens at Manchester City,” says the Spaniard. The British are supported by the sheik of Abu Dhabi. “There are now clubs that are supported by a country. Such staatsgesteunde clubs displace historic clubs by a piece of cake to buy. All of this has led to inflation in the market.”

“UEFA must be the standards of handling. If that means that PSG excluded from Champions League participation, then that should happen. I find that if a club cheats, they are European not active. But it is up to UEFA to review this.”

Javier Tebas

The chance that PSG is excluded, eight Tebas small. “The president of PSG (Nasser Al-Khelaifi, ed.) is also the director of beIN Sports. It seems clear to me that there is a conflict of interest if the president of PSG, also the director of a tv channel that a lot of money for the broadcasting rights of the Champions League buy. In other sectors, this would not happen.”

PSG hired last summer Neymar for 222 million euros, an amount that has been paid in full by a sports organisation from Qatar, the country where the owner of PSG is coming from.

L’équipe asking whether Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, the president has urged to act against PSG. “No, there are no clubs that are accompanied by such questions. At the time that we first complained of the transfer of Neymar is still not the case. This initiative came much earlier, because we believe that such a club the stability of professional soccer in danger.”

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