Previous flight crashed plane made passengers afraid

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The last flight of the Lion Air plane that Monday is in the sea crashed was not flawless. “It seemed like on a rollercoaster,” says one of the passengers.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Lion Air was just a few months in service when it is Monday morning, thirteen minutes after takeoff, the radar disappeared, and then in the java sea crashed. The 189 occupants have the crash did not survive.

The ceo of the company gave all that the device at the previous flight with a ‘technical problem’ faced. That was, according to him, subsequently resolved. Now get more details on that flight on Sunday.

After take-off in Denpasar on the resort island of Bali, there were unusual variations in altitude and airspeed in the first few minutes of the flight. “There were technical problems, one of which was the unreliable airspeed’, confirmed the deputy head Haryo Satmiko at a press conference. Also weeks the altitude of the pilot and the co-driver from each other.


The flight of Boeing 737 MAX 8 on Sunday night ran far from smoothly. The passengers first had more than an hour waiting in the plane and then get off because the motor for strange sounds made. Also worked the air conditioning not to function properly, so it became warm in the plane and a lot of children sick by the unbearable heat.

When the plane could finally take off, the problems seemed still not to the job. ‘About three minutes after we were airborne, it felt as if the plane is to the force lost and we could no longer rise’, says passenger Alon Soetanto on news channel TVOne. “Why, that is several times occurred. It felt as if we were in a rollercoaster were, people were in panic and had to surrender.’

The Indonesian tv presenter Conchita Caroline tells a similar story. “I asked someone from the crew before take-off exactly what the problem was, but I got a very defensive response back. He showed me the signed permit to fly and assured me that the problem was solved, ” says the presenter on her Instagramprofiel. “I was very angry because we as passengers have the right to the safety of the aircraft in question.’

Black boxes missing

The plane of the low-cost airline, crashed after the pilot to the air traffic control had requested authorisation to return. The revelations about the earlier technical problems raise still more questions about the exact circumstances of the sudden crash. According to Lion Air had the pilot and co-pilot along to 11,000 hours of flying experience. The two black boxes are still not recovered. They are probably in or in the vicinity of the fuselage on the sea floor, at about 30 to 40 meters of depth. Divers search still further.

Not only rubbish but also a lot of bodies were all found in the sea. Who are you to the capital, Jakarta sent for further examination, autopsy and identification.

Worst disaster in three years

The unit had 8 crew members and 181 passengers on board. If they all died – and is now as good as certain – it is the deadliest vliegtuigramp since 2015, when a Russian plane of Metrojet crashed in Egypt with 224 people on board. There were no Belgians on board of the aircraft, the Indonesian air carrier Foreign Affairs let you know.

In 2013 has already been a flight of Lion Air in the sea, crashed, on landing on the island of Bali. All 108 people aboard survived that back then. And in 2004, it crashed, a unit of Lion Air landing in the city of Solo, where 25 people were killed. The society was between 2007 and 2016 is also on the red list of the European Union.

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