Pharrell Williams in the knot with Trump

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The American singer and musician Pharrell Williams is heavy in the knot with president Donald Trump. Topic of discussion is “Happy”, the hit from Williams. Trump turned that without the approval a few hours after the deadly attack in Pittsburgh.

Williams’ lawyer Howard King wrote a letter to Trump as a result of the incident. “On the day of the massacre of 11 civilians by a disturbed ‘nationalist’, you played his song “Happy” for a crowd at a political event in Indiana. There was nothing to get excited about. Saturday was our country scarred by a tragedy, and Pharrell gave no permission for his number for this purpose.”

Not only the attack on the synagogue signed that week in the country. Prominent democrats received through the post are also fourteen bombs. Are all ardent opponents of Trump and approved the massaschietpartij by a ‘white nationalist’.

Pharrell Williams is not the first artist who is not set up with Trumps choice of music. Among others, Aerosmith, Queen, R. E. M., The Rolling Stones, Adele and Neil Young went to him for. Williams doesn’t allow Trump to be “Happy” even during his events. Trump sees his choice of music is so systematically shrink since very few artists are policy support.

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