Painful moments in Farmer Seeks Wife

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In Farmer Seeks Woman was Monday, a painful moment to see. Boer Jeroen was already weeks cook on Severien, and chose for her. Joëlle had if only this didn’t see coming. “On the farm, he divided his attention neatly between both of us, so I had no idea that he just Severien would choose,” she says in All. “Of course, I would by that right clicked between them, but all the things he did with Severien without that I saw it… looking back, I understand of course why Severien so calm was during the early keuzemoment.” Jits and Joelle caught Jeroen and Severien during a romantic breakfast in his room. Went there when not ring a bell? “We were shocked, because it was clear that we were. But I’m not awake located, because we had no idea of what was happening there”.

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