Night-time cold claims lives of homeless people

a36b84ef7058fa6c370ba2e61333c967 - Night-time cold claims lives of homeless people

BRUSSELS – The first night-time cold in Brussels cost the life of two women. A 41-year-old homeless woman Monday was lifeless on the street found in the borough of Schaarbeek. Tuesday morning it was passers-by found the body of a approximately 55-year-old woman in the centre of the city. The first woman is sure that they of hypothermia is death, the second suspect in the Brussels public prosecutor’s office also.

Photo for illustration.

The first victim was taken to the hospital, but they turned out already to have died. There was tried the second woman to reanimate.

The mercury dropped on Sunday night up to 1 degree above Celsius in Brussels, and up to 3 degrees Monday night. Annually, the city in the winter more than one thousand day care places for homeless persons, but the Winterplan occurs only on november 15 in operation.

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