New sidekick for Wim Helsen

5a3ba52cc973be56ce3171c57d38311e - New sidekick for Wim Helsen

Wim Helsen has a new sidekick. Once again this was a golden retriever. “One that like two drops of water on the late Boris seems to be,” says the host of Tuesday in the Interest of the province Of Limburg. “Only this dog is slightly larger. It was not immediately clear that we are once again a dog would choose. All options are on the table located. Also other types of dogs. But it is just so that a large dog is beautiful in the picture. We have a test shot done with a weasel. But such animals are so active that they get the attention for the conversation to distract. You can also see small animals barely on the screen. The golden retriever came out perfect because its quiet and peaceful, but still vibrant presence, was ideal.”

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