Moving boxes are again ready for Sieg De Doncker

48bf9c13bfc9c64ff26ce4ae4979a5dc - Moving boxes are again ready for Sieg De Doncker

Everyone makes it once, but not everyone is for jump: moving. Sieg De Doncker helps, therefore, from Tuesday 30 October 2018 re-people with their relocation in the new season of A Fresh Start with the Dutch magazine vtwonen at Vitaya, the station to a record year in progress with an average market share of 8.2% (all day, V18-54).

While Sieg some furniture and heaviest boxes moves, take the Dutch magazine vtwonen stylists and sisters Ozanne and Guillemine Mertens again the decoration of the new houses on their behalf and give them the best DIY and decoratietips to the viewers. With a mountain of creative ideas and transform them every week in the new house into a real dream home and they give the participants a fresh start.

“That two sisters have that still actually have well seen: I will take the heavy boxes in loading and unloading, while they meanwhile, on the convenience the curtains or paint colors to choose”, laughs Sieg De Doncker. “But bon, perhaps it would be better that way, because when I wanted help with the decorating of a terrace, I got two looks that spoke volumes, spoke.”

The Dutch magazine vtwonen stylists Ozanne and Guillemine Mertens: “We are making this season once again of a bare house into a warm and cozy nest. We do that by especially to dare and to do things which they themselves do not have to think about it. We, the participants completely by surprise.”

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