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MBAex bring Dash to South-East Asia

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MBAex, the South-East-Asian crypto-currency stock exchange, will integrate DASH into their platform with USDT-, BTC -, and MDP-trade pairs. MDP is a Token your own platform. The successful Integration of the work of the Dash to the Embassy there due to the work of CH.

The trade will be opened at the following times:

DASH/MDP-trade market: 12:00 PM on the 31. October 2018 (Singapore Time)
DASH/BTC trading market: 12:00 PM on the 31. October 2018 (Singapore Time)
DASH/USDT-trade market: 12:00 PM on the 31. October 2018 (Singapore Time)


The latest user statistics of the Exchange is 70% of the greater China Region, including China, Taiwan, HK and Macau. The remaining 30% are distributed over 20% of South-East Asia and 10% to other areas. The daily site Traffic of about 1.8 million hits and the number of active traders is about 200k to 300k people. MBAex said Dash Force News is that you currently have around 1.3 million registered KYC-ed users. The Integration of the Dash to make more individuals accessible, and at the same time, the benefits of your 24-hour-Live-Chat-Support, and a partner program to the growth of the user base and transactions.

The stock exchange requires a trading fee of only 0.05% with your VIP6-subscription, the normal Rate is 0.1%. They also have extensive information and research areas for traders. In the next 2 years MBAex plans to offer more products and services, to increase the size of its Community, the efforts to brand building and Marketing to continue and expand in the European markets.


MBAex said the DFN that they were motivated to integrate Dash because they always promise the project with the greatest power and the potential to meet the needs of their users choose. This was a common theme throughout the Dash-Ecosystem and development process. SlithEx, the payment processor and stock exchange service provider, focuses also on the Integration in South-East Asia, by taking advantage of the ease of use and the technological advances of Dash, to gain more acceptance.

Many of the groups, the Dash integrated, have highlighted the focus of the Dash on the daily ease of use as the reason for the Integration, which increases demand for purchase and sale of Dash to stock exchanges. This demand will have to liquidate both of retailers and of consumers who want to buy either Dash in order to use it, or in Fiat to pay bills can currently be paid in the Dash. The demand results but also of the crypto-currency traders, due to their ease of use and technological progress, more confidence in the Dash.

In fact, the trade is said to be a feature of the Dash Core Group Business Development Team that will focus on increasing the acceptance of the Dash. This is due to the fact that traders Dash to use as their liquidity service, to quickly switch between exchanges and other Coins, in order to capture potential arbitrage profits, because Dash is faster and cheaper to move than other Coins. The Dash DAO has enabled these features.


Dash’s unique, DAO allows it, that integrations, such as MBAex of support groups, such as Dash Embassy-CH be performed with local standards, leaders and companies to take the Initiative, for Dash Integration. This is also shown in Dash Venezuela, Dash Merchant – Venezuela, Dash Colombia, Dash Nigeria, Dash, Hub, Africa, and others who were in the situation, the local Knowledge of the needs of consumers and retailers in a significant Dash-acceptance of over 3,700 retailers to implement, is now the world’s.

The Dash DAO allows it to Dash in the sequence, to pay its own developers, and supports the process of development of Dash for the benefit of the consumer and the network, rather than for the interests of third parties-prone. This has enabled Dash, the transaction costs and approval times, in comparison to its competitors at a record level and makes it clear why traders Dash to use as a Form of liquidity. While Dash is developed to be consumer-friendly, will be the Integration of Dash into your business for more dealers of direct Benefit.

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