Maradona (58) celebrates birthday after intense years

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Diego Maradona.

It all started in march, when El Diego during a benefietwedstrijd with a greeting on the head was seen by Patrick Kluivert. A day later apologised for the Dutchman is, however, in the Argentine. “Let one thing be clear: for me, Maradona is the best of the best,” said Kluivert.

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Patrick Kluivert saves Maradona over at the greeting

At the end of april is the sports is not good for Maradona. He leaves with his club Fujairah FC, which plays at the second level, in the United Arab Emirates. He misses by a tie promotion and besluitt there to throw it. Three days later, remember he is and will he yet return to the Emirates.

Good skiers

We end the adventure in the UAE. The trainerscarrière of ’Fell’ takes in may a curious twist: he goes to work in belarus, at Dinamo Brest. And not as a coach, but as president-coach.

In June shows the soccer world cup of 2026 to the US, Canada and Mexico. That delivers fierce criticism from Maradona. “The Canadians undoubtedly good skiers”, is his defence.

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World cup in Russia

Then starts the football world cup in Russia. The legendary number 10 smokes in Argentina-Iceland several cigars on the stand. Against the tension. Only, cigar smoking is prohibited on the grandstand. “I really didn’t know that was allowed,” said a schuldbewuste Maradona.

That the Argentineans gelijkspeelden against the Icelanders (1-11), he can not in the least appreciate. He is furious at coach Sampaolo: “He really can’t be disappointed in our country as he is with Argentina will continue to play.”

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Maradona remains in the thoughts of those engaged in Russia. His criticism on the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos is wrong. “I respect Maradona because he is the greatest of all time belongs. But he is light years away from the level that Lionel Messi now has. Know that throughout Argentina,” said Ramos.

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Track lost

Then, if Argentina thick loses to Croatia (0-3), El Diez sick and tired. The furious former attacking midfielder of Napoli wants the players to speak. “If you are us national shirt have ever worn, you can’t go off such as against Croatia. Mainly because we are not talking about Germany, Brazil, Spain or the Netherlands.”

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And so it comes down to the match against Nigeria. Maradona hits however, completely lost the trail on the stands. After the hit of lionel Messi insists El Diego of attention. From pictures it appears he is rather ’ in higher spheres’ to condition. It even goes so far as to the moment he falls asleep not much later of the tribune must be borne.

Maradona fell asleep.

He can do no more on his legs and must be brought to the hospital.

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Later, he declares that there was nothing going on. “It is hard to believe how social media is such a big lie started in to knock.”


Then, if his country is pretty pathetic against France uitvliegt at the world cup – and he now acts on the stand – he can only one thing to conclude: Messi was on an island and there is only one man who can solve it: himself. He offers himself as a coach.

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Despite the elimination of Argentina, Maradona is still his opinion ready about the world cup. As Colombia – to his second favourite country – turned off by England, he lamented about the arbitration. “It was a monumental theft.” Especially the FIFA and scheidsrechtersbaas Pierluigi Collina should have to pay for it. A day later he says sorry at the referee that the match led.


Then, after a few months of radio silence, dive suddenly as a trainer in Mexico. In the second division with Dorados de Sinaloa that is. In his presentation he gives a onemanshow way. Indirectly he says that the now ’serious’. He is referring primarily on his notorious drug use from the past.

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“I was 14 years old ill. Now I want to see the sun, I want the night to bed. I even went to never go to bed. I didn’t even know what a kiss was. Therefore, I have the offer of Dorados accepted.”

New knees

Then suddenly in October a fight with Messi, where he in the past always enthusiastic about had been. “Messi is a great player, but he is not a leader,” said Maradona at once. A familielied of Messi hits back. “It is a matter of ignorance if you have Messi in such a way in discrediet.”

Diego Armando Maradona on crutches.

As if the year for Maradona, not yet intense enough, it turns out that he new knees need. The football legend has prosthetics necessary in both knees due to advanced osteoarthritis. “I want to be as long as possible to continue as a trainer, at least if my knees want to go. On the day that that is no longer the case, I stop,” says El Diego.

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