Kylie Jenner gives Ferrari a gift to mother

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Kris and Kylie Jenner

Kris Jenner is actually only on 5 november birthday, but that stopped her daughter there not already a ’gift’ to give. “488 for the queen. My mothers dream car”, writes Kylie in a video on Instagram.

“Okay, so I’m on the way to my mother to take her to the surprise. I’ve had this for a month and I’m so happy to finally meet her. It’s a little bit dinker outside, so I hope that they can see”, joked Kylie on her Instagram Stories.

Then is to see how Kris in her pajamas comes out. “What is this?” shouts she as she the car looks. “You make a joke? Oh my god, had I but a little fun to get dressed. What’s happening? I don’t even know what I should do? How do you start this car?”

Sister Khloe responds directly to the video: “Well, I give my gift then, but later on her…”, jokes the brunette.

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