Kobe Ilsen lives month-long vegan

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Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis present a lovely season of Over eating, from a new location, Takes in Antwerp. They cut every week a new food theme to it. In the first episode to delve Kobe and Danira in veganism. More and more Flemish people opt for a diet in which no place for animal products. No fish and meat, like vegetarians, but also no eggs, milk, cream, cheese… On the eve of World vegan day go Kobe and Danira in search of answers: what is veganism, exactly? Why would you choose? Is a vegan diet healthy?

Kobe picks up the research thoroughly, and live a month of vegan. He takes a coach under the arm: Enora Oplinus is a professional dancer and for the past four years a convinced vegan. She helps Kobe – trial and error – to vegan shopping and cooking.
Danira looking for in the meantime, from why people choose vegan. Animal cruelty appears to be the main reason. “If more people would see where their meat comes from, then there would be more vegans are”, claims to Bram Bruyland of BeVegan. Danira does the test and pulls with a number of unsuspecting young people into a slaughterhouse for a tour.
To find out why vegans also no cheese, milk and cream to eat, visit Danira a dairy farm. Wait surprising answers to her questions.
With a dietitian Tessa Bosmans have Kobe and Danira about the health benefits and drawbacks of veganism. And About food to find out whether it is for the environment would be a good thing if tomorrow the whole world vegan would be.
And Danira in this first episode in step with Jacques Vermeire, on the day of the premiere of his new zaalshow. What can you eat Jacques on such an important day?
Is Kobe after his vegan month all the way convinced? The answer tomorrow night Over dinner.

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