Kepler telescope without fuel, the mission stops

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MOFFETT FIELD – NASA has the Kepler space telescope turned off because the fuel in the famous satellite. This brings an end to a mission that in march 2009 began. Since then, the telescope approximately 2600 planets discovered outside our solar system, says NASA Tuesday.

The conscious Kepler telescope was in 2009 sent into space.

The Kepler telescope was the first that NASA was looking for new planets. The device has the wildest expectations, according to the space agency. The telescope will be situated in its current orbit further and further away from the earth remove.

The telescope is named after the German astronomer Johannes Kepler in the sixteenth and seventeenth century research into the area did.

,,When we were 35 years ago, started coming up with this mission, we knew nothing of any planet outside our solar system,” said the principal researcher, who at the beginning was involved in, the retired William Borucki. ,,Now that we know that planets are everywhere, Kepler us on a new course that is full of promises for space exploration for future generations”.

The space telescope is in 2013, when the primary goals actually were achieved, even from the air have been due to technical defects. Which were fixed and then the satellite a ,,second life, and” went in.

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