Kamal Kharmach: “I was ashamed”

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Qmusic-dj s Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe have this week, comedian and entrepreneur Kamal Kharmach as a guest in their podcast. The duo sets the 10 Most Gegoogelde Questions to Kamal and comes to know that he is already seven months after married with his girlfriend, he has a difficult childhood has known, and his first zaalshow a flop.

Kamal taught his girlfriend know and got all of seven months after her tied the knot. “We met at university and five years later I saw her back in the Netherlands on a foodtruckfestival, where the spark is skipped. Our cultural background did not allow us to just be dating. We knew that if we wanted to continue, we had to get married.” It was Kamals father who him convinced to take the big step to convert: “My dad said, If you like to see and you choose sincerely for each other, then every moment that you are not married a wasted second. And that has given me an overhaul.”

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