’Job Gosschalk denies criminal offences’

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The Public Prosecutor (OM) has the case in research. Spong: “We wait with confidence where the Public Prosecutor does. There is a kind of Me-Too-gevalletje to the order. There is a police investigation devoted to it. I have the file still get. That we then study.”

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Spong let know that Gosschalk ” dispute that he is any criminal offence has been committed’. Job Gosschalk came at the end of last year, discredited in the wake of the international #MeToo movement. The case came to light after a publication in The Telegraph and Nieuwe Revu, based on the stories of a whole series of actors who accused him of sexual misconduct. Gosschalk has acknowledged that he has limits exceeded. Spong: “He has said that he has limits been exceeded, but that is not to say that the criminal facts are.”

The research is in a final phase, according to a spokesman of the ORDER, which only speaks about a ’male castingdirector’. After the defendant is heard, a decision about whether Gosschalk is continued. About the content of the alleged zedenfeit the spokesman continue to say nothing.

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The castingdirecteur his work is lost, and transferred his shares in the casting agency Kemna Casting, today Post Castelijn called, where he was co-owner of the room, over to the incumbent management. According to Spong, is the impact on the lives of Gosschalk large. “His life is pretty disorganized and confused. He has his job lost, his company lost. And he’s going to prefer not to be on the street.”

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