’Infamous Whitey Bulger (89) was murdered in prison’

f582921a4e1450e89d53921297add1c7 - ’Infamous Whitey Bulger (89) was murdered in prison’

Bruceton Mills – Onderwereldbaas James ’Whitey’ Bulger (89) is by the end of Tuesday and killed, shortly after he to another prison, was brought.

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Bulger on archive view 2011.

Report that well established sources at the Boston Globe and on CNN. Bulger was the head of the underworld in Boston; he led in the 70’s and 80’s feared Winter Hill Gang, the most powerful group of the city.

Bulger was in 2013 sentenced to two times life plus five years, including involvement in 11 murders, extortion and drug trafficking. Before that, he knew for years from the hands of the police.

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Bulger was Tuesday to a new, as ’strictly protected’ described prison transported. Why that had happened, could authorities not say, writes the Daily Mail. In the appropriate jail in three months time for three murders. According to critics, the staff is severely understaffed.

Johnny Depp

The life of Bulger is filmed with Black mass, in which Johnny Depp is the role of Bulger plays and shows how he is a competitor after competitor box, in part because a childhood friend at the FBI works and Bulger as informant use, which latter has a big advantage.

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