How can a new plane crash?

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The Indonesian plane that with almost 190 people on board into the sea, crashed, was a brand new unit. Would that not be safer?

The cause of the crash of the flight from the Indonesian airline Lion Air is still not clear. But it is remarkable that it is a brand new device: a Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Since 2017 is that the type of aircraft used commercially. The crashed plane was only since August 15, used. The ceo of Lion Air gave all that the aircraft on a previous flight on Sunday with a technical problem, struggled, but that was resolved.

‘It happens seldom or never that the new aircraft crash, says luchtvaartexpert Luk The wild. ‘The age of the devices is not important, but the maintenance and replacement of parts. There are procedures that must be followed.’


New devices are, according to him, extensively tested for them commercially may be used. ‘Camps, new appliances, often with teething problems, ” says De Wilde. ‘That are inherent in new types, and are systematically eliminated. Technical problems are common, but they are therefore not dangerous.’

Often, a combination of factors – both human and technical errors – on the basis of a plane crash. The research will have to determine why flight JT 610 is crashed. Some experts refer to the poor reputation of the Indonesian airline. The Wild sets is, in turn, questions the quality of the supervision of the government there.

The crash of flight JT 610 is the first major incident with a Boeing 737 MAX 8. The device is well sold. Among others, American Airlines, FlyDubai, United Airlines and Norwegian have the Max 8 on order. In Belgium fly TuiFly with it.

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