Henny loved brother as long as possible

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In the stables of The Ruyterhuis, a family restaurant that is adjacent to his own house in Castricum, names Henny Huisman and his wife Lia yesterday a farewell of his younger brother, Wietse.

In the stables of The Ruiterhuys, a family restaurant that is adjacent to his own house in Castricum, took HENNY HUISMAN (67) yesterday bade farewell to the youngest brother, WIETSE. Who died last week, completely unexpected. It was Henny who him home lifeless found on the kitchen floor. Which Wietse exactly died has yet to prove the medical examination.

With his mother BEP (88), sister MIRANDA (69), the family and all the invited guests was an impressive farewell of the in artiestenkringen beloved Wietse. Henny says: “He is torn from the life, but I am glad that we this is goodbye so nice for him to have been able to organize. There are so many people come, it would be our little brother very proud. The last time I spoke he had only his two boys, JORDY and SANDER. Together they dance formation Kris Kross Amsterdam at least 5,000 per show. That he found great. But this audience, here at the end, that should be there too. What a turnout. My dear Wietse was very fond of singer KELVIN MUÏS. During a meeting with him he became so emotional, that he spontaneously began to cry. Therefore, we have Kelvin asked, in addition to the coffin, Lately by STEVIE WONDER to sing.”

Henny, heavily afflicted, concluded his own speech with the request hard for his brother to applaud. “I know that this is not usual during a funeral, but you do it anyway. Specially for my dear brother, that is located here.”

Henny pointed to the light box, in which loved ones with stylus last messages had written.

The presenter and the family not only share the grief for their lost brother, uncle and father, but with each other also care for their elderly mother and grandmother, that her son survived. “This is very hard to do,” said Henny about it.

Wietses sons brought their father after the end of the ceremony in the begrafenisauto way.

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