Gijs van Dam: “I am as gay in the verdomhoekje set

1830699c388841ea4d07462ab5ad7720 - Gijs van Dam: "I am as gay in the verdomhoekje set

According to Jelle found the rape place when the two-both Barend & Van Dorp worked. Gijs speaks of a one-night stand. “I strongly had the feeling that I by Faith as a gay man in the verdomhoekje was put. That was also because it suddenly went to a gay that a straight would have verkacht. That was a taboo called the one that is supposedly broken and had to be. (…) I have so incredibly much support from the gay scene. That was heart-warming. Of course, to recognize gays the fact that you may have a one-night stand.”

This summer, they stood opposite each other in the courtroom where the proceedings was, Now doodling the tv producer slowly again and is he even dating, so he tells the Gaykrant. “I let my fear of my life not determine. I try to go on with my ruined life. But the old word I never more.”

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