Four European countries are more tolerant than the Belgians against jews and muslims

3e9ae8c674e2ebcc7a6c9d7e623941f7 - Four European countries are more tolerant than the Belgians against jews and muslims

Eastern Europeans are towards muslims and jews, much less open-minded than Western Europeans. That enables an analysis of the Pew Research Center.

The Iron Curtain is already a whole time to the past, but the European continent is still very much divided into a number of beliefs. That should be apparent from a comparative analysis of the American research institute Pew Research Center has published. The pollsters surveyed between 2015 and 2017 almost 56.000 adults in 34 countries.


The study, inter alia, that Eastern Europeans have less muslims or jews in their family or neighborhood would welcome than West-Europeans.

In Armenia, only 7 percent of the respondents are muslims and family members welcome, 28 percent is open for new jewish family members. In Belgium amounts to which these figures are, respectively, 77 and 89 percent. Only four countries are more tolerant than the Belgians. The least reservations against a muslim or jewish family showed the Dutch, with respectively 88 and 96 percent, followed by Norway (82 – 95), Denmark (81 – 92) and Sweden (80 – 92).

The attitude towards religious minorities is closely linked with the concept of national identity. So consider the most Eastern Europeans with their christian faith as an important part of their national identity, in contrast to Western Europeans.

The Eastern Europeans are also often harbor resentment toward the same-sex marriage and abortion, although the dividing line on abortion is less marked. As such, it supports the vast majority of the Czechs, Estonians and Bulgarians, legal abortion.

Superiority and God

Also the feeling of cultural superiority is in Eastern Europe higher. Greece, Georgia and Armenia are paramount. In Belgium believe only 23 percent of the respondents said that their own culture is superior compared to that of others. Our country must be on that level, only Spain is a step behind with 20 percent.

It is also remarkable faith in God. In some Eastern European countries believe the overwhelming number of people in God, as in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Romania. In Western European countries is that, in general, less case. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden, for example, believe less than half of the adults still in God.

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