Eintracht boss fears the right-wing extremist Lazio fans

640f8336e07cd1ce63c679e821851451 - Eintracht boss fears the right-wing extremist Lazio fans

For the game against Olympique Marseille was Eintracht absolutely no tickets assigned because the match without spectators played had to be. It was the supporters of both clubs also commanded not to Marseille. However there were large groups of German and French football supporters in the city centre.

Peter Fischer

A similar situation may be in Rome at all end wrong, fear Fischer. The club got a whopping 5.800 tickets for the box assigned. Fischer is afraid that in addition to the supporters with a ticket is also still a lot of fans to travel without tickets for the match. “I’m afraid that there are too many supporters to Rome,” said Fischer in the program Heimspiel!. He calls on the followers than on to to stay in Germany. “Stay home and watch the match please on tv!”

Fischers fear is not totally unrelated to the negative reputation of the Lazio fans. “You have a very large group of right-wing extremists”, says Fischer.

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