Eddie Izzard comes to AFAS Live

bee91fc891042dcf62cbdf3d8bf2df95 - Eddie Izzard comes to AFAS Live

Wunderbar began in La Nouvelle Seine, a floating theatre on the river Seine in Paris, where Eddie already improvising in French the basis for the new show, explained. Then he travelled to other countries, where for a time in Berlin was where he the show in the German brought. The first English version tried Eddie in Eindhoven with two shows in The Effenaar.

“The time begins to come that I was there for a while for a break to have a political career to pursue. But until then, I want to be the audience everywhere in the world the best comedyshow give that I in me, especially in these times of brexit-hatred and Trump hate. My new show is about anything and everything, of humanity over the last 100,000 years to talking dogs and dierensuperhelden. I look forward to everyone to see again,” says Izzard. “The show is not suitable for nazis”, he adds.

Tickets for Wunderbar start on Thursday 1 november.

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