Dutch start date of “Temptation Island” published

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Fans of “Temptation Island” are allowed to advance their agenda clear: the new season of the spicy relatietest will start at the beginning of February 2019. More specifically, on 7 February, for the Dutch, at least. That confirmed the channel FIVE yesterday to the editors of the Newspaper.

At the beginning of October showed presenter Rick Brandsteder already know that he, along with Annelien Coorevits to Thailand was off for the filming of the eleventh exotic season of “Temptation Island”. Now the televisiegezicht again in the country, it also touches on the start date of the program known. “In the Netherlands, start-RTL-Boulevard is indeed broadcasting on 7 February”, confirms FIVE-spokesperson Barbara Solomon.

Since the same episodes also in Flanders, may also be fans in our country to begin looking forward. All they will just have to wait and see. “In Flanders, it is the start date for Temptation Island not yet known,” said Solomon.

It is not entirely sure whether the first episode on the Flemish television also on that Thursday evening will show. Last year, the broadcasts in the Netherlands, after all, not quite in sync with Flanders. That gave a lot of spoilers: the Dutch viewers knew a few days previously how the couples further happened.

The concept of the program is not changed. Five Dutch and Flemish couples are two weeks apart, pulled and on a private island, placed. The ladies get a company of tough men, the men have parties with a large number of bachelor women. During kampvuurmomenten get them – short and evocative – images of each other. If after two weeks, still without resentment, to his or her partner returns and no leaning skate has driven, is the moral winner. And that turns out every year a lot harder than you might think, …

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