Demi Lovato hits overdose-home will not be lost

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Demi Lovato

And that is not only the fact that she almost died. The house itself also appears to be hard to sell, because the awkward is classified. The singer had its garage absolutely transformed into a space for her clothes, a glamourkamer and a space for its security.

But this is why there is no covered place for cars to park. In addition, there is a lamppost on her side of the gate, which does not belong. The problems are to fix, but that costs a few barrels.

There is, moreover, right next to her, a huge mudslide. Meanwhile, the power under control, but it remains a risk, as long as the city of Los Angeles there doing nothing. Demi Lovato, meanwhile, has a half-ton of the selling price of her house picked up and now asks about nine million dollars.

Meanwhile learned TMZ that they have successfully in the rehab stay.

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