Death toll hits Italy on

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GENOA – The death toll due to the severe weather that Italy geselt, has risen to at least seven. All ports on the Ligurian coast, because of the orkaanwinden closed, as well as the airport of Genoa. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, all flights cancelled. On the sea are waves of 8 to 10 metres reported.

Monday night was a volunteer firefighter in St. Martin in Thurn (Südtirol) to the life when he was struck by a falling tree. South of Rome, two young people, because a tree on their car fell. Same thing happened to someone in the nearby Terracina and a walker in Naples.

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The population is advised to stay inside.

In the port of Savona, west of Genoa, flooded a car terminal. Hundreds of cars, including the premium brand, Maserati, which were intended for export to the Middle East, were it destroyed.

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