Cocu officially not yet dismissed

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Phillip Cocu

Chris van der Weerden and Erwin Koeman, understand the assistants of the dismissed Phillip Cocu, Friday in the cracker against Galatasaray ’just’ along the line.

The two Dutchmen have of the clubleiding the commitment that in the coming days, the honours observed in the cases of the top clubs. Then their situation will be further reviewed.

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Fenerbahçe relieve Phillip Cocu

And Cocu? Waiting in Istanbul quiet until all matters legally finalised. The ex-trainer of PSV is officially not yet dismissed by Fenerbahçe. After the lost duel with Ankaragucu (1-3) is only informed that the club now as ’no longer using his services.

Cocu, yesterday, please note, 48 years old, is the man not to after his first failed trainersavontuur abroad bright around itself to save. That the ex-captain of FC Barcelona and Orange even after Ali Koç thanks for the support over the past months is significant.

The rich and popular president has his leg in a relatively long-held stiff, but after the fifth competitienederlaag also concluded that it no longer can.

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