CELEBRITIES share call Jerry Afriyie

dcd87442f47e3266dfee64bd410193cc - CELEBRITIES share call Jerry Afriyie

In a message that Afriyie this weekend on Twitter posted he calls the ’pro-pete’ on the understanding and empathy to show and to try to move the position of the opponents.

“We have no reason to doubt your good intentions,” says Afriyie. “Zwarte Piet is racism, and not the people who celebrate. We believe you on your word that you did not know and only the fun side of the party knew. But we ask that you also us to believe that the party is not for everyone a feast. That many people do not have the street on a dare, and that children at school are bullied and inferior feel.”

Afriyie came recently at RTL Late Night in a collision with Jenny Douwes, who is seen as the figurehead of the people who last year were involved in the blocking of the A7. Thus, they wanted a demonstration of anti-zwartepiet-activists at the national sinterklaasintocht in Dokkum prevent. The Public Prosecutor demanded a task – and prison sentences against 34 Marbles. The court does at the beginning of november ruling.

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