Can Frances and Channel Zero ‘The Boskabouters’ save?

b7960ec46ed0a04bcaa1a1da71591ba4 - Can Frances and Channel Zero 'The Boskabouters' save?

The past few weeks was Frances Lefebure far to make our country a better place. This week, on Tuesday October 30, 2019, all eyes are equally focused on Meldert, where the children of kindergarten The Boskabouters a cry for help store. Their favorite school is likely to have to close because too few pupils. Six additional infants by February 2019: that is what it takes to prevent a piece of history of the village disappears. As far as wanting to Frances and the team of Make Belgium Great Again it not let. And so they go together with Franky De Smedt-Van Damme, the frontman of metal band Channel Zero, on to action.

“By the privacy laws, we can now not promote our school to make more with couples who just had a baby have gotten,” testified director Heidi Crets. And so there must be a other way be found to keep the school to promote. Bacon to the mouth of Frances and her team. When the neighbouring villages of Hoegaarden and Jodoigne wake up one day with up to 1,000 gnomes in the scene has the first step already. Also Franky De Smedt-Van Damme of Channel Zero, together with the teachers and children of The Boskabouters a powerful message figured out, in the hope that their school to save it. Together, they cross the number to Help in a different package. And so draws Make Belgium Great Again the line of pure Belgian music in the program. But will that be sufficient to 6 new infants over the line to draw?

More than half of all Belgians feel sometimes lonely. Research indicates that those who are lonely twice as much chance to die for his 70th. In addition, loneliness is in the year 2018 still remain a taboo subject. People that openly want to testify, it turned out, for the team of Make Belgium Great Again no evidence. The 29-year-old Ilse wants her story but lost to Frances. It is due to an illness to her house-ridden and feels more than once lonely. “I don’t know if people really understand that I lonely am,” she says. “Because you still are young and they expect that everything is going well, that you are pleased and happy. But to me, that is not so.” To Ilse, to help, build the team of Make Belgium Great Again in Beernem is a social network, but in real life. Complete with Buurtmuur Timeline, Buurtbank and a really Buurtboek.

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