Brussels gets a month of “unprecedented” modern music is served

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From 9 november to 2 december in Brussels under the theme of “Unheard-of” edition 2018 of Ars Musica, the international festival of contemporary music, place. The theme refers to the avant-garde character of the edition. The performances take place in various cultural centers in the capital, but also in Liège and Mons. The event explores the ways that the music in the course of time has followed.

The festival promises the audience to immerse in an “ocean of innovation”, in which the “windows on the future”, but also that of the past, that at that time, as a future music sounded, wide open. This is done with the violin music to the most unexpected of spatial music.

Far from the aesthetic partitioning hopes the festival in a subtle way the most diverse composers with each other in harmony. That kind of “marriages” should occur between, for example, the Fransmen Régis Campo and his colorful and humorous music, with the original Romanian composer Marius Constant. Music of Constant is already discussed in the opening concert on 9 november in the Bozar, where the Brussels Philharmonic also completely different work of John Zorn, a man who made jazz as well as rock, punk, metal, or kletzer mixes, and the late rockgrootheid Frank Zappa.

Other well-known names whose compositions are at raised will be, the enormously influential German serialist Stockhausen (‘Mantra’, 16 november), the German-Argentinian composer Mauricio Kagel (‘Exotica’ on 25 november), the Frenchman Michel Redolfi (the underwater music “Sonic Waters”, on 25/11 in the Brussels swimming Pools), the American minimalist David Lang (‘The Whisper Opera’), the minimalist-experimental American John Cage (‘Pianisfeer’ on 12/11), and, probably the most well-known Italian film composer Ennio Morricone (“The sound barriers of Ennio Morricone, on 22/11 in Brussels, and the day after in Liège). Moricone kept in his long career, the score of more than 599 movies.

Most of the concerts take place in the Bozar, Botanique Les Brigittines, but also in the Halls of Schaarbeek, the Royal Academy for Fine Arts and other.

More information about the festival: 02-219 26 60, and

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