Brigitte Kaandorp enjoy again after transition

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Brigitte Kaandorp

Kaandorp talks openly about the transition, a period where they say pretty much is just off. “Your eggs are, the children of the house, your body changes. I really had a burden of sadness, poor sleep, hot flashes, not sexy to all, but it was so.”

Brigitte Kaandorp is in a different stage end up, so they are satisfied. “I had to go through a lot of mud around, and then you’re suddenly thinking: cut the crap, I don’t want to make more pressure to things. I get an old cup, okay, there we go nothing more to do, that only looks panicky. Ten pounds heavier? Well, if there but. And if you kill them, you have, as it were, nothing more to lose. What happens then? Who are you? Then, demonstrate your best to be a nice woman to be without all those things that you always hung up.”

Kaandorp returned with a new solo performance with the title Eh… back in the theater. Therein she makes jokes about the new phase of her life where she ended up. “Until now I played often the kneuzige character created, but you can’t until your 88th the bruise. A wise, old woman I am becoming, you can’t be faking like you don’t know.”

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