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Blockchain Brunch: learn about Berlin’s Blockchain Ecosystem know

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In October, crypto Ticker was invited to an exclusive event held for five months in the Factory of Berlin, in the Görlitzer Park: the Blockchain Brunch. In the European Tech Ecosystem Factory in Berlin is for the Support of young Berlin-based companies such as SoundCloud and Europe, to name only a small part. As a Business Club for young companies with a network of Influencers, is a Factory is a good example of how the creation of a friendly work environment, Networking can provide opportunities for growing companies and entrepreneurs. This is the Ecosystem, the Felix Mago (Futerio), Silvan Jongerius (TechGDPR), Daud Zulfacar (, Victoria Klianeva (Factory, Event Team), and Rafael Schultz (Dash Embassy & block chain punk) and Lele Canfora for your project: Blockchain Brunch is selected.

from left to right: Lele Canfora, Daud Zulfacar, Rafael Schultz and Silvan Jongerius

Interview with one of the founders of this event and Dash to the Embassy Co-Founder Rafael Schultz

Our Team had the opportunity to speak with one of the founders of this lecture series and DASH-Embassy Co-Founder Rafael Schultz, to learn more about the Mission and the importance of the Brunches for the future of the industry.

Interviewer: What is the idea behind the Blockchain Brunch?

Rafael Schultz: The Brunch is for open-minded innovators, thought to be about the limits and the potential of technology and Business in the industry to discuss. In addition, it offers the possibility for Networking and exchange of ideas. The participants will have the Chance to present their ideas and to share their findings with the other guests. Overall, this event is part of the Plan of the Factory , the Start-Up and the classical companies in the world to connect.

Interviewer: How often is the Brunch? They plan to continue him in the year 2019?

Rafael Schultz: We host the Event once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. And Yes, we are planning the Blockchain Brunch in the year 2019, after this successful Start and to continue.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to Factory Berlin decided?

Rafael Schultz: The Factory Berlin is home to both large and small businesses and enables agility and Innovation, combined with classic investors and Mentoring. Of Start-Ups which are still at the very beginning, in the lower floors, to large, seasoned companies in the upper floors of both buildings.

Interviewer: Is the Blockchain Brunch an exclusive Factory-members-Meeting?

Rafael Schultz: Originally, the Blockchain Brunch a monthly event exclusively for members of the Factory held, but we will be with him from the beginning of 2019 for more Blockchain-entrepreneurs outside of the Factory Berlin opening, including Blockchain Amateurs, people outside of the IT world and other professionals who are interested to learn how the Blockchain social problems with which the world of today is confronted, dissolve into thin air.

Interviewer: Is the Blockchain Brunch an Event for Blockchain-beginner or Advanced?

Rafael Schultz: Both presentations should be on the underlying Problem and the solution that your project offers, focus. We want to teach to beginners, professionals and Non-IT professionals, but also people without any Blockchain-knowledge. To keep it on an understandable and open level, we want to avoid sales calls and in-depth technical presentations.

Interviewer: Who can his projects in the Blockchain Brunch present?

Rafael Schultz: In these Sessions, we invite various companies from the Factory Community, to contribute their ideas and share their experiences. So far, 21 Startups presented their Blockchain projects. In the near future, we want to listen to the founder of outside of the Factory Community.

It actually brought us this 6. Blockchain Brunch a very revealing insight into the project diversity of the scene. We had the opportunity the following company to the 6. Blockchain Brunch pitchten: Donut you deal with the construction of the first regulated crypto investment adviser, ZKSystems – a scalable DLT Protocol and the CWC, with the aim to be the most user friendly comparison platform for crypto-Wallets, and purses.

Neel Popat, Co-Founder of Donut

The 7. Blockchain Brunch will be held in early November back in the Factory Berlin at Görlitzer Park. As an official media partner of the Blockchain Brunch series, our Team of crypto Ticker will be back. We can hardly expect you to even more insights to offer in the in the Factory represented crypto-scene.

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