Beau is everywhere ’an odd duck’

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Beau van Erven Dorens

“I’m from the city of love,” says Beau against BuzzE. “It is an incredibly beautiful city. The nice thing is also that homeless people are real People, they talk about the city with a lot of love.” In The Rotterdam Project tries to Beau, as in The Amsterdam Project again five homeless persons from the street to help. “They need building up, just as the city has had to build.”

Of the eternal struggle between 010 and 020 noticed Beau nothing. “I have the idea that People more dislike to the Locals than vice versa. But I’m not really a Native, so I don’t feel that way”, tells the in Bloemendaal born Beau. “I also have here all the beautiful conversations that transcend all that stuff where I don’t want to do.” In addition, Beau-in her own words ’a strange duck in the bite’. “That is what I did in Amsterdam.”

Fire department

Beau looked a completely different reason against the distance between the capital and the port city. “If there is something with the homeless, you want to be able to pluck up, just as the fire brigade. I saw dread, because you are farther away. But, fortunately, also very good. You have to make it a little more effort.”

The presenter saw another risk: The Amsterdam Project was new, but would the Rotterdam homeless just as responsive, or already know exactly where they start? “One of the homeless people had by that he was 10,000 euros. That was Patrick, but I also just see in the program, all is fair.”


Computed Patrick gets the debit card is not in the hands. “He is addicted to drugs, and the whole day on the hustling, as he calls it, to get money. I can’t even 1 euro to this man, because that goes to drugs.” However, if Patrick money to use the way up to find them again. “There is always someone with him to eat or clothes to buy. There, he himself was quite angry about it, but I can not give money for drugs.”

According to Beau provides the following Patrick unique pictures. “It is a very special case. I think that you, as a viewer, never been so close to such a long time with a drug addict.”

The story of Patrick and the four other Rotterdam homeless who Beau for a year following is so special that the presenter for the first episode on the tube is all the extra airtime has arranged. “I have the RTL last week begged me to have an episode to give because we just so much to experience. That is why the last episode is a double.”

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