Babygeluk for Joëlle Witschge

fc9f46504857f288a925cca88341640a - Babygeluk for Joëlle Witschge

Four years ago ended their relationship, but in the meantime, Joëlle Witschge and Dave Bulthuis again deeply in love.

A lot of support, even more than normal, Joëlle this, her great love, Dave Bulthuis, who in recent years – when the two were together – namely, ever became a father. With his ex-wife AMY got Dave in 2016 young son, DANI, and so can the defender now have their say on full of diapers and broken nights.

That the pregnancy most likely not planned, apparent from the fact that Joëlle actually would participate in the new program, Boxing Stars, in which famous Dutch people starting tomorrow in the boxing ring against each other. Also they would be with former football player, ANOUK HOOGENDIJK who they met during the filming of Expedition Robinson – to participate in the marathon of New York. Both events, she has now, logically, have to cancel.

Now his daughter is pregnant, does that mean for her father, RICHARD WITSCHGE, that he again grandpa. In 2015 gave birth to one of his other daughters, KELI, all of son AYAN.

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