‘Apu is not going away from The Simpsons’

83a2ff0bcd56926aa6ef62958403b0f3 - 'Apu is not going away from The Simpsons'

The rumor that Apu would disappear because he may have racist stereotypes about Indians would confirm the world was in helped by the Indian producer, and YouTube star Adi Shankar. The successful Shankar is not a producer of The Simpsons.

This stresses Jean, who for thirty years The Simpsons produces, also in his message on social media. “I wish Adi all the best, but he is not the producer of the show,” reads the communication. The Hollywood Reporter makes from these words that Apu definitely not from the series is removed.


Multiple stars with Indian and Asian roots have in recent months spoken about Apu. The character would be an Indian caricature in the series is continually being laughed at.

The creators of The Simpsons responded in april by the character Lisa Simpson in the episode to respond. While they are a picture of Apu holding, she says: “Something that decades ago was invented, was welcomed and not offensive is intended, is suddenly politically incorrect called. What can you do?”

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