Adele richest British star under 30 years of age

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With that fortune let Adele countrymen as Ed Sheeran and Daniel Radcliffe behind him. Sheerans capital is estimated at 94 million pounds (105.6 million euro), that of Harry Potter actor Radcliffe at 87 million pounds (97,7 million euro). With this, the men on the second and third place of the list in which only stars of thirty years or less of fame.

Also all the members of One Direction, actress Emma Watson and Star Wars actor John Boyega are in the list, which Heat Magazine annually compiles. According to the magazine Harry Styles is the richest former One Directioner, followed by Niall Horan. Zayn Malik would have a capacity of ’only’ 37 million pounds (41.6 million euros) is the least fortuinrijke former member of the boy band.

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