Zoe Kravitz nude on cover of Rolling Stone

d914258af414543ff5d5940586250b90 - Zoe Kravitz nude on cover of Rolling Stone

Zoë Kravitz

“If I get to this sheet, think about, and I must immediately to that shoot of my mother thinking that I was so fantastic.” In may 1988 posed Bonet, who was two months pregnant with Zoë, for the magazine. “Actually this is my second cover,” joked the actress.

On the original cover wore Bonet, a T-shirt and she was in the magazine itself without a shirt to see. “I believe that they advertised, because they the naked photo beautiful found. That is why I now quite like the cover photograph, which she didn’t got. So I can do what my mother wanted, that seemed to me to be cool.”

Kravitz also brings a subtle tribute to her father, Lenny, on another photo posing with a boa that was his mother. “I’m always a little stayed away from who my parents are, because I have my own identity wanted to find. But now it felt right to them to honor them. I’m good in my skin and love them.”

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