Zoë Kravitz is gay

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Karl Glusman and Zoë Kravitz

They are only two years together, but for Zoe and Karl is clear: they will never be without each other. “I am engaged”, reveals the daughter of Lenny Kravitz to Bang Showbiz. “I haven’t told anybody about. I mean, I have not yet officially announced. I wanted to keep it private.”

Zoë says that Karl actually had planned a romantic proposal in Paris, but in the end he decided to just be at home the big question. “I just wore a sweatpants and I think it was a little bit drunk. I felt his heart tremendously railing and I asked him if everything was alright. I was really worried.”

That was the point at which Karl by his knees went and asked her to marry him. “The what perfectly. I am happy that his original plan in Paris has not done, but he me just at home.”

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