Who is the husband of Lyn Kerkhofs?

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Whether it’s baby showers, communions, weddings or funerals, get everywhere alcohol is a kind of pride of place. In the second installment of Tipsy investigate Cat and Lyn Kerkhofs, therefore, how important alcohol is for our social life. So is alcohol while dating is often the social lubricant par excellence. To test that Cat will be a nice surprise in store for her single sister: she arranges in all of the secret three singles for an exciting date. Of a sober and talk to was babbling, what is working now is actually the best? And finds Lyn her prince on the white horse?

Cat: “Lyn hate dating. She is always kei nervous, but she needs to agree urgently a sweet find! To ‘miss controlefreak’ surprise, mommy and I her, therefore, secretly let dating and also a lot to drink.”

Alcohol makes people faster, friendlier and more social. The sisters move in with a tent, lots of drink and a group of strangers to the music festival, Crammerock. And you people sat without alcohol? Cat and Lyn put an experiment in a café with 40 students to find out whether alcohol really need to enjoy themselves and feel connected. They do that by them are secretly non-alcoholic beer to serve …

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