Venice is seriously threatened by severe weather

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Heavy onweders have almost all of Italy in their grip, and focus significant damage. Several people have already died. Venice is bracing itself for the heaviest flooding since 1979.

Even more evil: on the Motorway was by mudslides affected. this was the main road between Italy and Austria and also Monday temporarily closed.

In the meantime, watching Venice afraid of what is to come. The residents of the lagoon city are flooding used to it, but it was a long time ago that the situation is so critical.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro showed himself to be in a movie at the San Marco square, with the backdrop of the rising waters. The square was cleared and the police had the children receive. In the afternoon, a water level of 156 inches above the level of the sea measured, so high was the water level in ten years, not more. That means that seventy percent of the historic centre was flooded. And the water in the Unesco world Heritage site continues to rise. Mayor Brugnaro called all the inhabitants to stay inside. In the hinterland, in the famous ski resort of Cortina d’ampezzo, had dozens of people their homes clear.

In Rome transformed fierce wind gusts trees like matchsticks and flew to the roof tiles and antennas around. In Italy, is is code red weather alert in force.

In the province of Frosinone south of Rome, came Monday for two people killed when a tree on their car fell in, reported the news agency Ansa. In Naples was a young man on the street by a tree felled, according to the authorities. Sunday were at least five people by the storm perished.

The low pressure area with lots of rain and wind gusts paralyzed practically the whole country from north to south. Schools and nurseries remained in many regions, like Venice, Liguria, Rome and parts of Tuscany will be closed. Also in South Tyrol applies the highest warning stage, which means that disasters are possible. ‘The soil, but little water swallowing’, stated the fire brigade. This increases the risk of new landslides. The rivers continue to swell.

In Liguria spoke to the civil protection of a storm surge with waves up to seven meters can be reached, according to Ansa. In the village of Monterosso in the tourist area of Cinque Terre, people had their apartments on the ground floor to leave.

In the centre of Rome transformed trees which cars were damaged and streets blocked. The Colosseum, the Palatine and the imperial forums were for visitors is closed. Further to the south remained with the ships in the ports. As was also the boat service between Naples and the island of Ischia, suspended. In Alghero, Sardinia, spoke to the media of hailstones as large as pingpongballetjes.

Tuesday would be something to improve, but the weather service 3B Meteo announced new onweders in the northwest.

Not only Italy, also Croatia was affected. The highways around the northern port city of Rijeka were due to the heavy rain for all closed to traffic. Due to storms with hurricane force were the ferries from the mainland to the islands between Dubrovnik and Rijeka stops. The national weather services announced Monday morning code red for the entire Croatian coastal area.

In Switzerland, several alpine passes by abundant snow blocked. Including the Gotthardpass, which ten years ago for the end of October is no longer accessible. In Austria continue Tuesday due to the high water and continued rain, the schools in parts of Carinthia and East Tyrol closed, according to the authorities. The people in the region of Klagenfurt are advised to stay inside due to an impending storm.

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