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TRON announces beta version of decentralized Exchange “TronWatchMarket”

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TRON announces beta version of decentralized Exchange “TronWatchMarket”

Home News TRON announces beta version of decentralized Exchange “TronWatchMarket”

Marcel Knobloch –

The Ecosystem of TRON now includes significantly more than just a separate Blockchain with a functioning digital currency. In addition to the purchase of BitTorrent the TRON Foundation has announced a decentralized Exchange in a timely manner start.

The TRON Foundation has announced yesterday the launch of a first demo version for their decentralized Exchange (DEX), which will bear the name “TronWatchMarket”,. The stock market should be completely decentralized and Trades between Trons Tokens TRX10 nd TRX20. The goal is to increase, among other things, the complete of the TRON network.

The white paper of the stock exchange describes (freely translated):

Our previous contributions to the Tron Community have proved to be valuable for the network, and we are anxious to proceed with the development of this Exchange to the next step.

In the summer of this year 5, developers started to start with the idea of a decentralized Exchange to be augfebaut on three pillars: “a simple, secure and decentralized”. The stock exchange should be designed in a completely decentralized and no hybrid decentralized Exchange such as this has to be in Binance.

On the test network of TronWatchMarket all Trades with the help of Smart Contracts, so for the time being, still not a true digital currency is used, until the Exchange is finally on the Mainnet. Furthermore, it will be for the test phase, the Bots trading on the stock exchange, in order to simulate real-time market conditions.

TRON continues to promote the adaptation of TRON, and the Spirit of the block chain technology in the world want to wear (freely translated):

We hope this Demo helps, both what it has to offer, TRON, as also to convey the great DEX, which we are building. There is still a lot to do, but we will give full throttle.

The company continues to invite all TRON-Supporter to make their contribution to the further development of the stock market. A first Live Demo can be viewed at this Link. The TRON Foundation has called a specific time horizon, so it remains to be seen when the Exchange goes live at the Start.

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