Thomas Berge is once again single

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Thomas Berge and Cassidy Roeks

The relationship between Thomas and Cassidy is running for the second time on the cliffs. In november last year, the two after more than a year apart, earlier this year, blossomed the love back on. The singer named Cassidy last year, ” the love of his life’. Thomas had four year relationship with Myrthe Mylius, with whom he has a son.

Thomas had the past few days, enough to his head to lead. He sat as an ambassador of the foundation Free A Girl in India.

“My heart is filled with hope and gratitude for the past few days, it is so hard to explain what I have experienced of this spiritual trip,” writes Thomas in a collage of photos on Instagram. “The fight against child prostitution get so much more value by being there together to fight, and with all the local ambassadors in the Netherlands, the international ambassadors and all people who are committed, we come one step closer to the freeing of more girls.”

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