Team Scheire: creative solutions for daily problems

Team Scheire is a human-interestprogramma around technology and science, in which Lieven Scheire the help enable of a team of engineers, designers, scientists and programmers. Together they come up with creative and concrete solutions for day-to-day problems of people who, due to disabilities or other issues not fully enjoy life. The team makes use of a range of smart resources, low-tech do-it-yourself materials to cutting edge technology.

Thousands of people in Flanders have it difficult to the most obvious tasks to perform. Team Scheire is on the lookout for solutions for their specific challenges, but also for problems that a whole group of people engage in. Lieven Scheire challenges its creators to just that one innovative idea, to think and to realize that the quality of life of those people may improve. Team Scheire consists of this clever headlines:
•Maria-Cristina Ciocci: prof. dr. in mathematics with a passion for technology and science
•Lynn Coorevits: expert in user research at IMEC
•Katrien De Graeve: software architect at Microsoft
•Anthony Liekens: inventor, technology consultant and ‘mad scientist’
•Deepak Mehta: educational coordinator at Technopolis
•Elisha Coster: furniture designer and builder in steel and wood
•Ronald Van Ham: prof. dr. msc mechatronics, a combination of mechanics, software and electronics
•Maarten Weyn: prof. dr. power-up source electronics-ICT at the UAntwerpen/IMEC and specialist wireless communication

In each of the eight episodes takes team Scheire two problems with that. During brainstorms in their headquarters in the University of Antwerp discuss them together how they best work. But there is always one team member that takes the lead.

In the first episode we are introduced to Lynn Coorevits. Lynn is an expert user survey by research institute Imec, and goes in search of a solution for Roland, a man who suffers from jongdementie, and therefore, a large piece of their independence is lost. Innovatiespecialist and ‘mad scientist’, Anthony Liekens, cross the hands from the sleeves of his labojas for Lazlo: a boy of 15 who suffers from cerebral palsy, but who, despite his physical limitation would still like to be able to play games.

View Team Scheire every Monday to 21u20 on Canvas or wherever you are via Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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