Stiftkoning Vlap: ’Bergkamp? That is too much honour’

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Michel Vlap

“That’s really too much honor,” assured the 21-year-old attacking midfielder, who, with two stiftgoals an important part in the surprising win of SC Heerenveen (2-3) at AZ.


Of the six goals that Vlap in this Eredivisie season was, he did it three times with a shank. Also Sunday afternoon, they were beautiful. First, he was signed after thirty minutes of play for the equalizer (1-1), after Thomas Ouwejan the score opened. Half an hour later, he shot Marbles with a lot of feeling on edge. “That stiftjes are some nice goals as always, eh?”, grinned Vlap. “In one way or another, I manage okay. In the past I have also done often. There is quite a bit of luck look at this post. If it failed, it says to the audience: what do you think? But it is also a matter of technique and feeling. I do quite a lot on intuition. This was also the case. Purely on intuition.”

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Meanwhile, the man from Sneek all of two hits more to his name than last season over the whole year. An ugly hit, there was not yet between. “But I think they are also ugly. That come still. And believe me: if I have an ugly goal to create and we will win the contest, then I am afterwards also with a big smile though.”

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