’Player of São Paulo mutilated shrubs found’

83c3cc6a8d10d60f7fa5353b4e656210 - ’Player of São Paulo mutilated shrubs found’

Daniel Corrêa Freitas (L)

The player of São Paulo was almost chopped off head and without genitals found, reports the local newspaper Band B. The official cause of death is not yet known, but Freitas would be terribly tortured.

,,Given the state of the body, it is going to be a very violent situation,” said a policeman at the newspaper. ,,The man had two deep cuts in his neck and his head was almost off. His genitals were even cut off.”

Bleak and abandoned

The player of São Paulo – as would from the evidence appear to be – is on the street, murdered, and then about thirty feet across the street, slipped, and then in the bushes to be left behind. The place where Freitas was found is known as a bleak and desolate place where the police hardly comes. About the circumstances of the murder, nothing is yet known.

The attacking midfielder started his career at Botafogo. In 2015 transfereerde he to Sao Paulo. This season, he was loaned out to São Bento.

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