Passenger plane with 189 passengers crashes in Indonesia

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JAKARTA – UPDATE 6:57 pm – In Indonesia a passenger plane of airline Lion Air crashed into the java sea. On board of the Boeing type 737 MAX 8 were 189 people, including two babies, a child and eight crew members. The hope of survivors is small, according to a spokesman of the national rampenbureau.

Rescue workers try to find survivors, but the chance of that is minute by minute smaller.

Wreckage of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 are located at 70 km from the Indonesian capital. A rescue team is to the rampplaats sent to provide assistance.

“We have life jackets, phones, and parts of the plane discovered”, says the spokesman of the rescue service. The wreck is estimated at a depth of around 35 metres.

Thirteen minutes

The aircraft crashed during a flight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka, near Sumatra. The destination is a popular spot for tourists. Or there Dutch people on board were not known.

The flight was an hour and ten minutes. Shortly after departure around 06.20 pm (local time), it would have gone wrong. The plane lost 13 minutes after take-off contact with the air traffic control, says director Edward Sirait, Lion Air.

Families of the victims in mourning dipped.

“We can currently not comment,” said Sirait. “We try to all information and data to collect.”

Black list

The crash will be hard to arrive in the Indonesian luchtvaartwereld. Airlines golden a long time as unsafe but this year, the European Union, all Indonesian airlines from the black list. Lion Air was there, with a few other companies, has already been picked up.

A member of the rescue service, shows items that are found.

Lion Air is the largest private airline of Indonesia. The fleet consists of 112 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. The plane was only briefly in use, let the company know. The pilot and co-pilot had together up to 11,000 hours of flight time.

In 2013, crashed a plane from Lion Air down into the sea at Bali. When survived all 108 occupants.

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